Family Sandwich & Salad Deal

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Each order comes with 4 salads and 4 sandwiches.

Choose from Zatar Sandwiches or Halloumi Sandwiches.

Zatar Sandwich: Zatar, labana, mint and arugula.

Halloumi Sandwich: Halloumi cheese, pesto, tomatoes, cucumbers.

Choose from either a Beets Salad or an Arugula Salad.

Beets Salad - Diced beets, goat cheese, roasted almonds, kale

Arugula Salad - Arugula, apples, pecans, feta cheese

Our philosophy is simple: use fresh ingredients and cook with love. Our food reflects cooking techniques and flavors from all over the world, with an emphasis on Middle Eastern flavors. At Shatira we are passionate about helping the community. We donate 10% of our profit to local food banks. Together we can make a difference, one sandwich at a time.

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