Spicetionary Inc.

Available Onsite at Optimiste Park
June 1st - August 3rd
October 5th & October 12th

Spicetionary, Inc. is a collaborative flavour creation company that aims to foster excitement about cooking and unite it with the celebration of Canada’s diversity of culture and flavour.

 Our goal is to provide food businesses and foodies with high quality and affordable spices with customer-oriented service and customization options. 

About the people behind Spicetionary

We are Omar, Rafael and Laurel; a family team of two brothers from Venezuela and Rafael's Canadian partner.  We are passionate about cooking (and eating!) and wanted to create a bridge between producers from Latin America and multicultural communities in Canada. Omar brings 10 years+ of entrepreneurial leadership, Rafael expertise in business-to-business sales, and Laurel a passion for sustainable sourcing and community development.