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We are a wholesale bakery specialising in artisan, all natural, old world bread. ​ 

Founding chef and baker Natali Harea takes no short cuts when crafting her one-of-a-kind recipes for some of Ottawa's finest restaurants. Always drawn to the art of baking, Natali has dedicated her career to producing well-crafted bread. She uses all Canadian ingredients and her signature starter: Stan.  

Our bread has strong rooted beginnings in the traditional ways of bread-making. This way of making dough involves a 24 - 48 hour fermentation process to give the loaves a full bodied flavour. 

We are also one of the few bakeries that still uses small mixers, hands on processes, and shaping techniques. We hand cut, scale, round, shape, and bake our loaves in small batches, ensuring our costumers get the most genuine product to their tables. Simple, Canadian ingredients are a staple in our products and we always avoid using additives or stabilisers. Simply put, we strive to make an honest loaf of bread.