Gringo's Blazing Sauces

Available Onsite at Optimiste Park 
June 15th & July 13th
I was born in Hamilton Ontario. 
Moved to Ottawa as a young child. And at a young age I became curious about how to 
create delicious meals. In my early adult years I dedicated myself to learning how 
to combine savory taste profiles. I was enthusiastic about how the ingredients work 
together and captivated in creating meals that would keep you coming back for more. 
As a Chef by trade, I was a long time Restaurateur for more than 20 years. 
I am passionate about food and happiness to me is to have people enjoy an exceptional dish.

So now I introduce to you my new line of hot sauces! 
With various flavors for any spice preferences. Mild to super hot, its your choice. 
They can be used to flavor enhance any dish or as an extra seasoning for a prepared meal.

These sauces can be used for any meal time! Become a chef in your own kitchen with help 
from Gringos Blazing Sauces.