Is there a minimum order?
At the moment, there is no minimum order for either the Click and Collect or delivery option.

I didn’t get in soon enough to order this week, should I give up?
No. We will increase capacity every week. A new approach for us, we want to grow at a reasonable and
intelligent rate. In addition, each week will bring new seasonal produce with it. Exciting!

Do I need an account to order?
No. You do not need an account, but it speeds up your check out and gets you tied into the Beechwood

What health and safety measurements are you taking to protect customers?
We operate in the safest possible conditions…the outdoors. To compound that safety, we have spray painted lines every six feet for the customer queue, hand sanitizer (made by our friends at the Dairy Distillery) and minimal hands touching your items. Staff will wear masks during order aggregation and sanitize upon completion of each order. There will also be a staff hand wash every 15 minutes.

When can I expect my delivery?
Delivery is $5 flat. We are aiming to get all deliveries done between 10am and 2pm each Saturday.

Should I bring my reusable bags with me to Optimiste Park?
Yes. Please bring them for corn. The rest of your order will be put into a recyclable paper bags.

Can I modify or cancel my order?
The Online Store closes each Thursday at noon. Modifications before that time will be reflected on your order. Modifications cannot be accepted after that time.
Cancellations before noon on Thursday will result in a full refund. Cancellations after noon on Thursday will result in a 50% refund of your total order.

If I sign up for the newsletter, do I get bombarded with malarkey?
No.The newsletter comes once a week. It includes community news, Market updates and facts about
the vendors. You will not receive anything more.

If I order on Friday, would I pick it up the Saturday immediately after?
No. You would pick it up, effectively, 6 days later. You would receive a note highlighting this with your

Are there any additional/hidden fees?
No. We are upfront about all the costs to our customers.

Can I pay when I pick up my order?
No. All items are prepaid through this Online Store. There is no cash exchanged on site and no additional
items for sale.

Do I have to stick to my allotted time slot?
Yes, please. It will prevent bottlenecks and allow us to get the local goodness out to as many people as

Can I return or replace items?
We encourage you to check the contents of your order for accuracy before you leave the Click and Collect area. If an item is missing or unsatisfactory, we will replace it with the same or similar product the following Saturday. Because we will have only the quantities ordered for any given week and nothing additional, we would not be able to replace the item in the immediate.
Of course, we will do our best to get you the item sooner than the following week, but we do not guarantee it.

Still have questions?
Drop us an email at beechwoodfm@gmail.com