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Cloudforest Coffee sources specialty Arabica beans directly from a farmers cooperative in Ecuador. Since we get coffee directly from the cooperative they receive a better price for their product. Founded by Francis Bueckert in 2014, we strive to help coffee farmers in Ecuador's Rio Intag valley create sustainable livelihoods that strengthen their communities while protecting the environment. The idea to start this business emerged after living in the community and volunteering with a coffee cooperative there as part of a year abroad with Trent University.
   Upon returning to Canada Cloudforest started importing coffee from the community to support their efforts to resist mining activity. The coffee was so well-liked that we began sourcing larger quantities of green coffee directly from the farmers cooperative. We roast it locally in small batches to preserve freshness. 
   Our roaster is in Hull, but we distribute coffee to many small shops in Ottawa and Gatineau. We do our best to apply the same care and attention to detail to roasting that the farms do to growing the coffee.