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We’re a mother-daughter team here at Ambrozja Foods, bringing Polish goodies to your table in Ottawa! We’re very excited and proud that is our first year selling our products - anywhere. 
Urszula was born in Poland and immigrated to Canada in the 1980s. Altogether, she's been cooking for her six brothers and sisters, their families, and her own family of five for over 50 years. Her specialties include cooked and fermented traditional Polish dishes, such as pierogi (dumplings), golapki (stuffed cabbage), kotlety (breaded meat), sledzie (pickled herring), buraczki (pickled beets), and ogorki (pickled cucumbers) - and many more! Renata is Urszula's daughter, sure, but she’s also been her apprentice in the kitchen for just over 25 years and lately, somewhat of a publicist. Both of us are very happy with the arrangement and are working hard to honour our family's cooking tradition while sharing it with you.  
In addition to serving you homemade comfort foods using high quality ingredients, we aim to use as much local Ottawa produce as possible, to avoid single-use plastics, and ultimately to expand our product line. 
Ambrozja has delicious food for everyone. 
We truly hope you enjoy.