The 2020 Pivot - some reasons

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On the eve of our big launch of the new and improved Online Store, I wanted to highlight some of the reasons we are doing this and why the next few months are going to look the way they do for the Beechwood Market and all our customers.


This whole move is because of a virus we don’t fully understand; that has no vaccine. It’s imperative that we make this move sustainable for as long as it needs to be. We will have lines spray painted in the waiting area at six feet apart, pools of hand sanitizer for staff and customers (from our friends at the Dairy Distillery) and staff will all have masks on during aggregation. The inadvertent bonus to our operation is that it is outside. The science is beginning to reveal that fresh air is no friend to the spread.

Food security

Whether baked, infused, picked, pickled, sliced, laid, roasted or prepared, all the products you find at the Beechwood Market are from our corner of Ontario. Because the products are coming from your fellow Ottawans, the number of hands on your lettuce or jar of honey is minimal. The trust we have in our vendors has been growing for seven years (some have been with me for over a decade). Now is the time to show it.

In addition, these items travel a fraction of the distance than most of the products to which we are accustomed. The environmental implications of maintaining our Market are easy to see.

Local economy 

A lot of parties talk about supporting local, bolstering small businesses in our tough times, expanding patios. We go forth to ensure this talk becomes walk. By bringing our vendors back together in one virtual place, it makes it easier for you as customers to connect with them and truly keep them alive.

Every vendor on our roster, regardless of size, structure or point on the business continuum, needs your applause.


Our community is pretty tight; the Beechwood Market has helped strengthen that position. By continuing to provide a weekly focal point, we keep up the momentum. It will look different, but rest assured the values and goals remain the same. Tie us together, foster pride, draw support.

 I live here. With the exception of a decade long journey, I have always lived here. Cancellation was never an option.

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