Sustainable Food: Closer than you think!

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By virtue of running a small neighbourhood market, I am exposed to all sorts of different sustainable growing projects.

The Beechwood Market has a nice mix of full time farmers as well as part-time growers. Each with their own unique approach to growing, some have chosen the organic route while others remain conventional. Regardless of the growing technique, Ottawa area growers are adding to the larger framework of a sustainable City. Independent thinkers like Mel Foster, of Foster Family Farm, is constantly on the lookout for new technologies and distribution angles in order to increase his operation’s longevity. Our local farmers play a massive role in the future of local food. Be nice to them!

Not everyone with acreage in the Valley, there are also ways to cultivate fresh produce in the City for years to come.

A couple of ambitious fellas in the Boston area recently started an unexpected company called Freight Farms. Solar powered, refurbished freight cars may indeed be - The Next Generation of Food Supply – the company’s tagline. Upon entry, you are introduced to a series of vertical shelfs lined with growth from lettuce to brassicas to herbs. Lit by LED lights in a climate controlled environment, Freight ‘Farmers’ can monitor everything from anywhere through a trusty app. In a northern city like Ottawa, the value of year round growth is immeasurable.

Don’t have farmland or thousands of dollars kicking around for an old freight car? Not to worry, there are a fair few Community Garden projects on the go around the City. Many of them managed by Just Food, the principal voice on all foods sustainable in Ottawa, you won’t have to travel far from the Market. Mostly located on City property, you should only have to find your local community centre in; New Edinburgh, Lowertown, Sandy Hill, Vanier and Lindenlea.

Healthy, sustainable eating a reality, it is certainly not out of reach.

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