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A great 2018 season. Thank you to you all for your dedication to your local economy and community. We brought on a new Market Coordinator, introduced two new mini-markets and welcomed many new faces to the Beechwood Market.

Helena Chouchani joined the Beechwood Market team just after the New Year. A former vendor (Nona Bakes), Helena recently had a baby girl, Madeleine. She was after something she could do from home that drew on her uber-Millenial skills and business savvy. She took on the admin duties, revamped the Click and Collect Market and has been a great source of counsel to me. Her more public side can be seen on all of our social media platforms. All those dressed up, informative posts are well beyond my capabilities. I thank Helena for her large hand in this year’s success.

Two new Mini-Markets were introduced in an effort to expand the Beechwood Market brand, the brand of its vendors and sell a few items along the way. The new Rideau Sports Centre and Natalie’s Urban Ottawa kindly offered up some space on their respective properties. The Mini-Markets accomplished their objectives.The plan is to move westward with more of these little guys next year.

Finally, we saw many new faces this year. New vendors include Sweet Pages Bakery, March Meadow Farm and the lads at Roasted Coffee in their signature white t-shirts. They join a great crew of people you have come to know like Sally and Doug at Ubuntu Gardens, David at Harvest Honey and Dawa at Himalayan Dumplings. Because of our efforts and yours, we welcomed many new customers to the Beechwood Market. Although most came from our 5km radius, I spoke with people from Alta Vista, Beacon Hill and Orleans.

We aren’t going away for long. The Xmas Edition will run on December 8 from 10AM-3PM at the New Edinburgh Square Retirement Residence at 35 Beechwood Ave. No need to go to the mall for all your gifts, just pop around the corner on a Saturday morning.

You can also order your ‘Taste of Local’ Holiday Basket any time at beechwoodmarket.ca Featuring 10 different items from your favourite Market vendors, the basket affords you a one stop shop for all things Beechwood Market. They can be delivered to you or picked up at the Xmas Edition.

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