Christmas Edition is coming to town December 10 & 17 10:00AM-3:00PM

135 Barrette St, Corner of Beechwood & St Charles Inside!

Eat it up. Drink it in. Bring it home.

The Beechwood Market is the East End's new spot to shop, taste and mingle on Saturdays.

With everything from local produce to prepared foods to VQA wines, your local market will guide you through the Ottawa area's growing season and keep you connected to your rural neighbours. The Beechwood Market will continue to bring you the products you want and strive to add those pieces you request.

While visiting, be sure to grab the Beechwood Breakfast & Brunch, get into some kids activities and enjoy our live local musician.

With so much happening in our neighbourhood, the Beechwood Market will serve as a regular gathering spot for you and your neighbours. A good place to catch up and relax — you can check out the calendar below for the planned special events.

Connecting the community to fresh local foods and products in a fun, outdoors environment, the Beechwood Market is the perfect weekly space for discovering what's in season, gathering recipe ideas and sampling Ottawa's best foods!

Visit us at 135 Barrette St.

Open Saturdays from 9am to 2pm.
Parking can be found for free on most neighbouring streets.

Who Will Be There

Please visit us at for more information.

  • Harwood Estates Vineyards, VQA wine (Dec 10 only)
  • Texas Heat, Best Salsa in the Universe (Dec 10 only)
  • Rideau Pines Farms, Local produce
  • Luc Ouellette, Rustic hardware and home decor item (Dec 10 only)
  • Kricklewood Farms, Cold pressed sunflower oil (Dec 10 only)
  • Maggie's Shortbread, Shortbread (Dec 17 only)
  • Face To Grace, Creams & soul solutions
  • Snell House, Salsa & salad dressing
  • Jargon, Jams & preserves
  • Harvest Honey, All natural honey
  • Bez Gluten Free, GF baking
  • Discoveries Anne Ouellette, Local produce
  • Gentlecraft, Alternative jewelry
  • Casual Creations & The Placemat Lady, Designer placemats & knitted bits
  • Wix & wax, All sorts of gift ideas
  • Agape Garden, Kombucha
  • Knitted, Knitted elbow blankets (Dec 17 only)
  • The 3 Little Kittens, The answer to your kids' mitten woes (Dec 10 only)
  • Lowertown Canning, Pickles & preserves (Dec 17 only)
  • Ilias & Sons, Olive oils
  • Buddy Bites, Organic dog treats & organic teas
  • StelllaLicious Soap, Handmade soaps
  • Maison Baguettes, Baked breads and goodies
  • On the bend, Maple syrup (Dec 10 only)
  • Sara Alex Mullen, Local visual Art (Dec 17 only)
  • Beking's Eggs, Free roam eggs
  • CreationsMRL, Coasters, chalkboards, lightswitch covers
  • Treewell, Revolutionary maple drink
  • Allium, All things garlic
  • Kel-lee's cards, Unique paper cards (Dec 10 only)
  • Pens by Jonathan, Fine wooden pens (Dec 17 only)
  • Down East Mittens, Upcycled mittens
  • Wood Dad, Magical wood work
  • All About the Soup, Healthy soups
  • Seedling yarn, Knitted pieces (Dec 10 only)
  • Nona, Veggie baking (Dec 17 only)
  • Lindenlea Paper, Luxury paper
  • United World Voices, Jewelry with a cause
  • Beechwood Gastropub, Breakfast & Coffee

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